Bringing a world of art to Millthorpe

May Raechelle Art Gallery

This is us! 10 Pym Street, in the beautiful historic village of Millthorpe.

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Welcome to a world of art...but not for the arty farty.

We search for a range of art including paintings, ceramics and sculpture locally and from around the world to exhibit in our modest gallery in Millthorpe.

We travel to the far flung corners of the world to bring back artworks which are a little bit different, exciting and most importantly affordable.

But it doesnít stop there.† We also exhibit local artists who are creating wonderful artworks, even wearable art!

Itís always exciting and fun to start a new exhibition or commission a new artist into the fold.† Keep an eye on our Exhibitions (the link is on the left) to see whatís coming up!

We see art in everything!! That is why we also stock a range of gorgeous art jewellery and specialty loose leaf teas.

Itís all a little bit different (just like us really!), you will find the quirky, the unusual and possibly even something youíve never seen before. So come along and take a look...go on...I dare you.

10Pym Street

Millthorpe NSW 2798

To contact us:

Phone: 0427 123 715


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